About Us

The Somali Internet Exchange Point (SoIXP) is the facility which keeps Somali Internet traffic in Somalia. It allows Somali Internet Service providers to easily exchange traffic within the country, without sending those messages to multiple international transit hops to reach the intended destination, it will also improve connectivity and services for their clients

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Advantages of connecting to SoIXP

In Somalia the cost of internet bandwidth is very high comparing Kenya and Tanzania. While we acknowledge that this is partly contributed due to many factors, but dependence on expensive international links is one of them. Thus reducing it will make the price go down.

Currently all traffic goes to international links, thus making a percentage of local traffic exchanged locally will significantly reduce the price. This will also lead to creation of local content and increased innovation.

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What We Offer

We host neutral, reliable, high speed network interconnection infrastructure complete with route servers, content provider networks and root DNS services. We allow both bi-lateral and multi-lateral peering. We provide monitoring, statistics and technical support.

To get connected, review our service offerings and follow the new participant guidelines.

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